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Have you received a traffic ticket, speeding ticket, DUI or other traffic violation in Forest Park, Georgia? Rather than going ahead and automatically paying the fine, find out more about your rights, you CAN fight the ticket! Call experienced Forest Park Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyer Scott Fortas at 404-933-1153 or submit online for a FREE Traffic Ticket consultation, 24/7!

The Fortas Law Group will work to resolve your traffic ticket, appearing in Forest Park Traffic Court on your behalf whenever possible! Call or submit online 24/7 for a free ticket consultation – the experienced Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys of The Fortas Law Group offer experienced legal help for low fees. Why just pay the speeding or traffic ticket in Forest – we may be able to help get a reduced charge and do all the leg work for you.

In most traffic cases in Forest Park, GA we can help you get a reduced fine, help protect your Georgia Driver’s License from suspension and keep your insurance rates from rising. Don’t let a Forest Georgia traffic or speeding ticket ruin your driving record, contact The Fortas Law Group for your free traffic ticket consultation.

We offer legal help for traffic ticket violations in Forest Park Georgia and most other cities and counties in Georgia and have assisted clients with traffic and speeding ticket defense in Georgia’s traffic courts across the state. Types of tickets our Traffic Defense Firm will handle include but are not limited to the following:

Please visit the Georgia Traffic Ticket Cities page for information on your ticket outside of Forest or the Georgia Counties page for tickets issued in a specific Georgia County.

Our Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyers could help you by appearing on your behalf in court, performing the majority of the leg work. Let The Fortas Law Group get to work fighting your Forest Park GA Traffic Violation so you don’t have to!

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